Saturday, 18 June 2016

Charter Fair Day

A big thank you goes to Don, Bridie, Phil, Geoff, Chris and Joe for helping at the Charter Fair.
Thank you also to everyone who came to our stall at the charter fair. We had a very exciting treasure hunt trying to find the square were the treasure had been hidden on the hill. The person who found the correct square was Mick Grocott - well done for guessing it was hidden under square M6! Mick won the hamper.
At this event we launched an interesting new leaflet " A short history of Etching Hill past and present"- so look out for it at the visitor centres and library as we plan to distribute these to local venues. They will also be  available at our litter picks and other events. The squares covering the spaces on the treasure hunt relate to the historical leaflet on the hill.

On our next litter pick date as well as collecting litter, we plan to pull up the rosebay willow herb and bracken that are growing on the area where the heathers were planted last year, so come along and
join us! See the events list opposite for dates.