Sunday, 14 October 2018

At our meeting on 11.8.2018 we had a brief EGM where Rebecca Jenkins took over as the new Chairperson. Rebecca’s contact details are

There is a vacancy for a secretary on the committee still.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Good news - Since the AGM Rebecca Jenkins has come forward and agreed she would be happy to become our future Chair person. We are delighted she has agreed to join our committee and she will be working alongside Geoff until the end of this years programme. We will then hold an extra meeting to formally appoint her.
Rebecca has always had a great interest in the hill. When Geoff and Chris and Rebecca were training as Community Champions Rebecca proposed a project on the hill at the same time as Geoff but then took on another project as she did not want to duplicate Geoff's plans. She has always stayed in touch with the activity on the hill. We welcome having someone young and keen, who will continue with the work Geoff has started. We are sure everyone will continue to support Rebecca in this role.
We are still open to anyone coming forward to take on the secretarial role but at least the future is starting to shape up for next year.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Charter Fair Day

We had a clear winner at the judging of our photographic competition at the Charter Fair.
Lee Chapmans sunset over the rocks was chosen by the public as their favourite.
All the visitors to the stall commented about how difficult it was to decide on their favourite due the high quality of the entries. We thank all those who participated.

Lee has received a voucher for a canvas print of his picture, kindly donated by Max Spielman of Rugeley.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Friends of Etchinghill -     A letter from the Chairman

As we head towards our AGM on May 24th, I feel I need to make all members and supporters aware that to date no one has come forward to take on the roles of Chairman and Secretary.
Chris and myself have had the pleasure of performing these voluntary posts for the past seven years.
We stated at the last AGM that we would be standing down in 2018 although we are happy to remain on the committee and offer help and assistance to the new officials. We felt that it would be a good time to pass on the roles to ensure the group has sustainability and because everything is set up and in place. 
Having achieved so much as a community group it would be a shame for it to fold. I don't want to pressurise anyone to take on a role they don't want. I accept that busy lifestyles mean possible candidates feel they have insufficient time but I still hope there are two people out there who will give it a go. If no one comes forward - then the present committee presumably would become caretakers until the end of this year when all our planned activities finish and the group would then disband.
Our achievements as a group are too numerous to mention but in a sentence, " We got our beauty spot back". I am sure the legacy would live on for a few years but it is unlikely that the group would re-form if it finishes. The difficult part is setting up the group, getting people interested, gaining funding, opening bank accounts, agreeing a constitution, arranging dates etc. All this has already been done. The group has achieved networking and respect. All this is in place .....but it could be lost.
If you feel you would like an informal chat- no arm twisting - give us a ring on 07792814607 or come along on May 12th to the litter pick and speak to me,
Thank you in anticipation,
Geoff Brookes

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Keep sending in the photos to our Facebook page for the photographic competition. The winner will be receiving a prize from Max Speilman in Rugeley who have kindly agreed to print up a canvas of the  winning photo.
 Please see the Friends of Etchinghill Facebook page and send in your pictures or vote for those you like best.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Amanda Milling thanks

Amanda Milling came to the hill to see members of our group and representatives of the Trustees to share our joy at resolving the issue with the Forestry Commission. We thank her for her help with this matter.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Friends Of Etching Hill would like to publicly thank our MP, Amanda Milling, for bringing to a successful conclusion an issue relating to the management of Etching Hill. She established that the Hill is classed as common land / village green and that the management as such, should be left in the hands of the Charitable Trustees, who are supported by volunteers from the Friends Of Etching Hill. Both groups have been working together to improve the biodiversity, restore the heathland and bring good management skills to this beauty spot that forms part of the A.O.N.B. The requirement to plant 24 oak trees has now been relinquished which means the views from the hill will remain for future generations to appreciate. Amanda Milling has assisted us in negotiating a successful outcome in this matter.