Monday, 16 July 2018

Good news - Since the AGM Rebecca Jenkins has come forward and agreed she would be happy to become our future Chair person. We are delighted she has agreed to join our committee and she will be working alongside Geoff until the end of this years programme. We will then hold an extra meeting to formally appoint her.
Rebecca has always had a great interest in the hill. When Geoff and Chris and Rebecca were training as Community Champions Rebecca proposed a project on the hill at the same time as Geoff but then took on another project as she did not want to duplicate Geoff's plans. She has always stayed in touch with the activity on the hill. We welcome having someone young and keen, who will continue with the work Geoff has started. We are sure everyone will continue to support Rebecca in this role.
We are still open to anyone coming forward to take on the secretarial role but at least the future is starting to shape up for next year.